About the Tour

About the Tour

“The Tour of Communism” is a project developed by Mihai – the owner of I Travel in Romania travel agency together with two tour guides, David and Andreea, who are passionate about Romania’s history, especially Romania’s communist past.


24 EURO / person


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* Please note that if there are no confirmed bookings for a certain day, we will not come at the meeting point to have the tour. Also for certain days the hour might be different, based on the requests of existing bookings to change the hour.




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Short description of the tour

In this 3-hour walking tour of Bucharest, you shall learn about:

  • how/why Romania became part of the Iron Curtain
  • the nationalization process
  • the religious life under the communism
  • the Palace of Parliament - second largest administrative building in the world
  • how the Secret Police (aka "Securtitate") was supervising the life of almost every Romanian
  • the fall of Communism explained in details in the Revolution Square


Meeting point

We will meet in front of the Patriarchal Cathedral. The closest metro station is Piata Unirii (Union Square).

The address of the Patriarchal Cathedral is Aleea Dealul Mitropoliei 25, Bucharest


The aim of the project “The Tour of Communism” is to offer tourists a guided tour that will take them through all of the major aspects regarding life under communist rule in Romania which lasted officially from 1948 to 1989. Of course, trying to gather in a 3h tour the story of over 40 years of communism is a challenge but the project is ready to offer you the most interesting facts about the Communist era.

The coming to power of the communists in Romania was a long and complicated process that was done with the direct involvement of the Soviet Army and Stalin who supported the Romanian communist party to ultimately take control of the Parliament and government. In so doing, they organized show trials for the most prominent democratic representatives of the political and cultural elite of old Romania in order to send them to prison where under extremely harsh conditions, many if not most of them died. In order to officially proclaim Romania, which up to this point had been a kingdom ruled by the German Hohenzollern dynasty, a people’s republic, the communist elite forced the king of Romania to abdicate and leave the country under the threat of executing innocent civilians. What followed next was the proclamation of the People’s Republic of Romania that was in fact a Soviet puppet state that implemented the communist policies of nationalization of all industries and private enterprises as well as the collectivization of all land in accordance with the wishes of the Soviet Union.

During communist rule, Romania was subject of significant social changes following the Soviet model. Freedom of speech, of association, and of protest were guaranteed in the new constitution only to “those who worked” an intentionally vague formulation because it never defined what work meant, so having a job did not guarantee one’s right to free speech because, in fact, this right was completely abolished. 

The study of communism in Romania is of great importance for historians, researchers, scholars and even common people. Though nowadays, after almost three decades after the fall of Communism, lots of the people who were born and lived at that time seem to have forgotten what really happened during that period.

Buildings like the impressive House of People – the second largest administrative building in the world, built under the orders of Nicolae Ceauşescu who wanted to prove to the world that Romania could be an economically independent country through his socialist policies, he ended proving the exact opposite because of the poverty that he forced to people of Romania to due to his megalomaniacal plans.

“The Tour of Communism” project is offered as a shared tour with max 15 participants, so we can offer a great experience to all our guests. Hot or freezing weather, we aim to offer the tour every week on certain days according to the schedule presented.